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From September 7th to September 11th, 2020

B2B ROCKS Paris - Sept 07-11, 2020

B2B Rocks - by Axeleo, is the best online conference in Europe for B2B and SaaS startups. Guaranteed “100% no-bullshit”, the exclusive speakers and 30-minute slots from European founders allow intense keynotes full of hands-on advice. The #REBOUND edition is focused on giving to founders the best pieces of advice to make the most of the economic recovery. Attending the event is also a great opportunity to connect with B2B & SaaS founders.

Learn from world-class experts

Co-founders, VPs, experts, VCs, Journalists: we are gathering the most inspiring SaaS builders & lovers around specific topics to give actionable insights and brilliant talks.

Pickup on latest insights and techniques

The conference will be divided into 30min-slots of fast, sharp, and deep knowledge. No bullshit tolerated: B2B Rocks is all about getting the best learnings right into its audience.

Connect with doers shaping the B2B ecosystem

Talks and virtual networking activities will cadence the event and give rising startups, fast-growing startups, VCs, and journalists the opportunity to connect with each other.

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Speakers 2020

John Pestana

John Pestana

Co-founder & CEO @ObservePoint / Co-founder @Omniture
Alexandre Prot NB

Alexandre Prot

Co-founder & CEO, Qonto
Marie Outtier

Marie Outtier

Co-founder, Aiden.ai / Director PM, Twitter
Hervé Brunet NB

Hervé Brunet

Co-founder, StickyAds
Rodolphe Ardant NB

Rodolphe Ardant

Co-founder & CEO, Spendesk
Laura Urquizu

Laura Urquizu

CEO, Red Points
Hanno Renner

Hanno Renner

Co-founder & CEO, Personio
Fred Plais NB

Fred Plais

Co-founder & CEO, Platform.sh
Hannah Dawson

Hannah Dawson

Founder & CEO, Futrli
Pascal Gauthier

Pascal Gauthier

CEO, Ledger
Prelini Udayan-Chiechi

Prelini Udayan-Chiechi

VP Marketing, Zendesk
christian owens NB Paddle

Christian Owens

Founder & CEO, Paddle
Neil Turner

Neil Turner

CTO, GoCardless
Anne de Kerchove

Anne de Kerckhove

CEO, Freespee
Sylvain Utard

Sylvain Utard

VP Engineering, Algolia
Alonso Bustamante NB

Alonso Bustamante

Strategy and Corporate Development, Cloudflare
Michael Wax

Michael Wax

Co-founder & MD, Forto
Shefali Roy

Shefali Roy

COO, Truelayer
Jonathan Anguelov NB

Jonathan Anguelov

Co-founder & COO, Aircall
Edouard Beaucourt

Edouard Beaucourt

Country Manager, Tableau
Gilles Bertaux NB

Gilles Bertaux

Co-founder & CEO, Livestorm
Jean Charles Samuelian

Jean Charles Samuelian

Co-founder & CEO, Alan
Kim Walsh

Kim Walsh

VP Startups, Hubspot
Firmin Zocchetto

Firmin Zocchetto

Co-founder & CEO, Payfit

Dan Wesley

CTO, Stratumn
Ségolène Finet

Ségolène Finet

CMO, Talentsoft
Adrien Menard

Adrien Menard

Co-founder & CEO, Botify
Armand Thiberge

Armand Thiberge

Founder & CEO, Sendinblue
Charles Miglietti

Charles Miglietti

Co-founder & CEO, ToucanToco
Pierre Queinnec

Pierre Queinnec

Co-founder & CEO, Jenji
Gulnaz Khusainova

Gulnaz Khusainova

Co-founder & CEO, Easysize

Loïc Michel

Co-founder & CEO, 365Talents
Maxime Baumard NB (1)

Maxime Baumard

CMO, iAdvize
Camille Morvan

Camille Morvan

Co-Founder & CEO, Goshaba
live conference

... many more to be announced soon


Track Topic
Founder How to manage a 100% distributed team of 100 people
Founder How to scale from 0M€ to 20M€ ARR in 5 years
Founder 1,219 days from building to getting acquired by Twitter
Founder How to overcome the fear of getting big and going global
Founder How to achieve 100% growth in three European countries at the same time?
Marketing B2B Marketing in times of uncertainty
Marketing How to reinvent your marketing mix to generate post-COVID leads?
Marketing Pricing and positioning: how to define price, customer profiles and key differentiating factors
Sales How to keep selling when customers' budgets are cut?
Sales Best practices on shortening B2B sales cycle
CSM Wartime churn reduction strategies for SaaS
CSM Key to turning customer satisfaction into upselling opportunities
Tech How to scale an engineering organization up to 100+ engineers
Tech How to hire and manage tech remote teams?
Finance Pro tips to keeping your finance tight and extending your runway
Finance Post-COVID funding and valuation in Europe and in the US
Product How to leverage OKRs to keep up with the product roadmap?
Product Product levers: how to create product differentiators and maintain a competitive advantage?
HR Crafting the company: how to do critical hiring and firing, in 2020?
HR How to strengthen your company culture, while being less in the office?

B2B Rocks is a great event for leaders working in B2B SaaS looking to learn from fellow founders, executives, and investors.

Des Traynor

B2B Rocks was one of the first – and is still one of very few – European conferences focused on B2B SaaS. A must-attend event for SaaS founders from France and beyond!

Christopher Janz
CHRISTOPH JANZ Point Nine Capital

B2B Rocks’ event is packed with learning and meeting peers from Europe's up-and-coming B2B scene.

Nikos Moraitakis



From 1 to 50 employees

1 Startup pass for B2B Rocks
5 days of content (talks & workshops)
Business meetings with VCs, partners and other startups.


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1 Scale-up pass for B2B Rocks
5 days of content (talks & workshops)
Business meetings with VCs, partners and other scale-up.

Corporate & Ecosystem

Above 200 employess

1 Corporate pass for B2B Rocks
5 days of content (talks & workshops)
Business meetings with startups and scale-up.


Investor (VC, CVC, BA, etc.)

1 Investor pass for B2B Rocks
5 days of content (talks & workshops)
Business meetings with startups and scale-up.

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