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Starting from  09:00 AM


Welcome speech

Starting from  09:10 AM

Keynote 1:

How to build global success story from Europe & to compete with Silicon Valley

Starting from  09:30 AM

Panel 1:

International, what does it take to go global as a B2B startup?

Starting from  10:10 AM

Keynote 2:

Make your product design a competitive advantage

Starting from  10:45 AM

Panel 2:

The funding trends in B2B and SaaS startups

Starting from  11:25 AM

Keynote 3:

Scale your sales team from 1 to 50

Starting from  11:45 PM

Panel 3:

Go-to-Market: picking the best vertical to address in B2B

Starting from  12:25 PM

Keynote 4:

Monitoring a Seed stage SaaS business

Starting from  12:45 PM


Starting from  01:45 PM

Keynote 5:

How to leverage customer analytics and interactions to shape your product?

Starting from  02:00 PM

Keynote 6:

Key B2B growth marketing lessons under GDPR

Starting from  02:20 PM

Panel 4:

Define and market your pricing for SaaS

Starting from  03:00 PM

Keynote 7:

Recruitment and Diversity for B2B startups

Starting from  03:20 PM

Panel 5:

CustomerService: establish your customer success strategy

Starting from  04:20 PM

Panel 6:

How to build and scale your tech team

Starting from  05:00 PM

Keynote 8:

Playing nice: your solution needs to integrate with other software

Starting from  05:20 PM

Panel 7:

You have data, now use AI and Machine Learning to deliver more value

Starting from  06:00 PM

Keynote 9:

How to structure, operate and process a CSM team

Starting from  06:20 PM


Closing speech

Starting from  06:30 PM

Networking Cocktail



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