The B2B GUILD is based on exclusiveness, specialization, and community.


Why should you join?

Expand your Network

Get access to a community of highly qualified entrepreneurs, senior executives, and investors within the B2B tech ecosystem.

Learn From Leaders

Make the right business decision based on feedback from the most successful startup founders in the European B2B SaaS ecosystem.

Grow Your Key People

Grow your executives by giving them access to the best resources and events dedicated to fast growing B2B startups.

What's in it for you?

1x B2B Rocks

international conference

4x B2B Connect

networking cocktails & dinners

10x B2B Clubs

feedback sessions from scale-up executives

100x B2B Members

founders & peers to network with

Upcoming Event

Club Finance Francis Saillard

B2B Club #Finance
on March 18, 2020
Francis Saillard, CFO @Payfit


Annual Conference

Join the exclusive European conference for B2B & SaaS startups gathering 60 international speakers from the most successful scale-up and 750 startups. Our core values are knowledge sharing and networking. There is no better day than B2B Rocks to learn from the best executives and meet with your peers.

Frequency: Annually

Ryan Burke
Scale B2B Marketing


Monthly Meetups

Benefit from monthly private talks, from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and top executives in B2B. Get their insights and feedback on specific operational thematics such as #sales, #marketing, #tech, #product, #management, #customersuccess.

Frequency: Monthly


Quarterly Cocktails

Meet a community of peers composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and field experts. It's all about creating meaningful and valuable connexions between members to help the network share best practices and feedback.

Frequency: Quarterly

B2B Networking Cocktails
Panel Marketing


Knowledge Platform

Leverage a dedicated database of resources for B2B and SaaS startups. Gain time and improve your level of expertise by relying on specialized tools for founders. Share the resources within your company, grow your team, and help them bring more value to the company.

Frequency: Unlimited

What they say

"Thank you to the whole Axeleo team and the participants for this discussion. I will especially remember the questions, which are always interesting, and which make it possible to transform a presentation into a real exchange."

Guillaumen Maron
Guillaume Maron VP Engineering Dashlane

"A moment of exchange with enthusiastic startups, with diverging issues depending on their activity and stage of maturity. It was very interesting to be able to share with them tips and advice that worked for us. "

Ségolène Finet
Ségolène Finet CMO Talentsoft

"Thanks to the Axeleo Team for this very inspiring exchange in a friendly atmosphere. Beautiful questions from the participants, which allow everyone (and the speaker, in the first place) to learn, and to ask themselves new questions."

Frederic CLement
Frédéric Clement CMO Lengow

Who can join the community?

Business : B2B Tech startup

Maturity : from Seed to Series A

Position : Founders & C-level

Want to be one of the selected executives in B2B software to joining the community and benefiting from opportunities such as an international conference, monthly thematic talks, quarterly networking cocktails, and access to a crowdsourced knowledge platform dedicated to B2B leaders?


Axeleo offers an all-in-one support, leveraging a community of 60 successful entrepreneurs and executive, and a venture fund, that caters to startups, corporates and investors. Our mission is to drive business, accelerate growth, and leverage startups success from France to Europe.